Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween In Roppongi, Tokyo


Some random scenes of Halloween hijinks in Tokyo's little den of sin, Roppongi. You get all types in Roppongi - sexy, drunk, wasted, scurvy, lewd, pervy, etc... and Halloween brings out some of the most "interesting" people to say the least. And of course the best thing is Japanese girls running around in skimpy Halloween outfits the best argument for keeping Halloween firmly in Japan.

I went around and polled people about Halloween in Japan. I also saw quite a scuffle between some Japanese guys and one photographer with the cops. All in all a most interesting night!

The Sexy Arm of the Law Out on Patrol

Sakamoto Ryoma fought for the Emperor and a new Japan while the Na'vi fought for a CGI planet

Elvis samurai?

Naughty Nun Sister Sin takes a sip

Ooofff! right in the beer gut!

Happy Halloween, me hearties!!!

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  1. no sabia que se celebrara hallowen en japon.



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