Monday, November 15, 2010

Tokyo Hooters Plundered by Lusty Pirates!

First Hooters in Japan boarded by Lusty Freebooters

Cap'n BlackJack Dave and Cap'n Jack Wrong wit a comely wench

Avast me hearties and set sail ta plunder fair booty

Twere a lively wind that blew our scurvy sails westerly to'ards the fair shores o' that earthly paradise known in many songs 'n tales as Hooters. Hooters be 'cross thar way from the Americas where they be known for their wings 'n fierce love o' the hootin' owl. They be a-launchin' a grand ship in strange new waters known as the Japons.

Me lusty hearties 'n I boarded her midships 'n 'ad our fill o' grub 'n grog whilst our deadlights did feast'd upon the bounteous booty of yon hooterlicious wenches who shivered our timbers in a most pleasin' o' manners.

Cap'n Shag had brought wit' 'im the Cat-o-nine-tails ta maintain ship discipline. Afores we knows it, the wenches had the Cat 'n were dishin' out their own floggin's ta ones another. A most pleasin' sight ta be sure!

The wenches were o' the most comeliness sorts 'n our sails were a-taunt upon the mast. They did dance 'n cavort ta their lusty hearrrrts' content.

Not fer naught did they sing 'n dance fer I did tell them twas the poxy Cap'n NoWay J's birthday tho twere a good few weeks afters! Cap'n NoWay J were forc'ed ta flap 'is arms like a seasick gull whilst the wenches sang 'is ill-gotten praizes! Har! How he did threaten'd to keelhaul yours truly!

By the eve's end, the spritely wenches 'ad good reason ta know good cheer as Cap'n Shag deep in his cups carelesslee spoke - "Arrr!!! Keeeeep the change, me lass!" Thereby did the addled-pated Cap'n unbeknownst render'd unto them a tip ta the tune o' 50 buckos. Twas a fair trade tho, booty fer booty specaillee az tweren't me doubloons!

Arrrr!!! But by me black heart, good times twere had by all!

Cap'n NoWay J be enjoyin' a wing whilst a Hooters Wench tries ta board 'im

Arrrr! We all sail'd 'ere fer the wings, right?

Ahoy, Boardin' party away!!!

A Floggin' Good Time!

Arrr!!! But I's been a bad pirate! Do yer worse!

Permission ta come abroad grant'd, me saucy lass!

The Plunderin' of precious booty be good fer sure, me hearties!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tribute to Autumn


Autumn - the season of change where the world gives forth one glorious burst of life and color before succumbing to the long sleep of Winter. Autumn is a season of reflection and poets throughout the ages all over the world have given into this poetic self-indulgence.

Chinese Zodiac draped by Autumn Leaves at Mt. Takao near Tokyo

Fall foliage at a lake in Bavaria, Germany

Enjoying Autumn Leaves at Hibiya Park in Tokyo

A Church in Jonesborough, Tennessee

Samurai Statue in Hikone, Japan

Autumn leaves at night at Rikiguen Garden in Tokyo

Old farm equipment amongst the fallen autumn leaves

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Chuzen-ji Lake, Japan

Pagoda at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

View from Neuschwanstein Castle

Fallen Autumn leaves as seen from an English church door

Autumn sunshine falls on a golden floor - Tokyo, Japan

Fall leaves frame Kegon Falls in Nikko, Japan

Painter paints an Autumn scene at Tokyo Station

A Tennessee Cornfield in the Autumn morning mist

"So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay."
- Robert Frost (20th Century United States)

3000-Strong Japanese Halloween Parade in Kawasaki

Huge Halloween Parade in Kawasaki, Japan

The Kawasaki Halloween Parade is a huge event that has been going on for about 10 years now with 3000 participants. You can see all kind of Halloween costumes that mix East with West from Hollywood films and traditional western monsters to Japanese Anime characters and Yokai (Japanese monsters). There was also a troop of Stormtroopers. Some really great creative costumes to be seen here.

Women, wine, and song ... ah, but a pirate life be hard!

This is just kick ass!

Even the wee-est ones get into the Halloween spirit

A Chorus of Screams

Held hostage by a bevy of beauties, the bastard!

Pumpkin Ninja!

A Pirate Lass with Sass - she be one after me own black heart!


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