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THE JEWS KILLED JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ridiculousness of an ancient blame Ugh! Was it something I said?Easter is a joyous occassion for those of the Christian faith. A day of to remember when Jesus Christ rose from the dead with the promise of life ever after. It’s a day to solemnly reflect how this Christian holiday with all its less than subvert pagan trappings came about in the first place, namely that: the Jews Killed Jesus!!! And Thank God for that! Otherwise Christianity would be up the spiritual creek without a paddle in lacking a messiah to die for our sins and come back. Well, another Easter has come and gone. The pagan Easter Bunny has laid his colorful pagan eggs for all the good Christian girls and boys while Jesus Christ has been crucified, buried, and risen from the grave again. Now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. But the lingering gloomy shadow of Easter is ever present and has been for a long time. What should have been a simple celebration of a hol…

The Easter Bunny Conundrum

Is the Easter Bunny a Controversial Christian Symbol or a Godless Pagan Icon?

Christian Symbol or Furry Pagan Idol?It’s Easter again. Time for young children to be forced against their will by their parents to put on uncomfortable tight-fitting new Easter clothes so they can be exploited by picture-snapping, cheek-pinching relatives. Then it’s off to Church where suffering tykes have to endure a lengthy and boring Easter Service that they can’t possibly hope to understand.The only thing that brings them comfort and makes the day worth it is the traditional hunt for colorfully painted Easter eggs left by Santa Claus’s estranged cousin: the Easter Bunny.The Easter Bunny is so thoroughly mixed into Easter traditions that he often upstages the main focus of the holiday namely Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus had to be crucified, buried, and resurrected in order to qualify for a second holiday. The Easter Bunny did not have to go through such ordeals and yet he gets equal if not top billing on E…