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Martial Arts at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on Culture Day

Culture Day (Bunka no Hi) is a National holiday in Japan on November 3rd. Culture Day as the name implies is a celebration of culture. It's actually three commemorations at once. Besides culture, November 3rd marks the date when the post-war constitution was publicly announced in 1948. The real roots of the holiday though is the birthday of Emperor Meiji (1852-1912). Meiji oversaw the modernization of Japan and a return of governing power to the Imperial Court which had not ruled since the 12th Century.
At Meiji Shrine in Tokyo there are a number of cultural activities as a result. Behind the main shrine, a number of martial arts demonstrations are held. One can a variety of weapons like katana, naginata, and spear. Also you can see yabusame - mounted archery - and old fashion matchlock guns including a small cannon.

Halloween Cute Sexy Fun in Tokyo 2012

It was Halloween again in Tokyo and folks got out and about in all kinds of getups from scary to funny to sexy to cute to just off-the-wall. I hit Roppongi like I usually do during the Halloween time. It's one of the few times I go there. I don't bother going to the clubs because they are generally jam-packed and you can't see anything hardly. The streets is where the action is where you can see all kinds of fun outrageous stuff. It beats standing 1-3 hours in line just to get into a club where it takes you 20 minutes to get a drink.
I did go to club Feria on Halloween night to participate in a Halloween contest (didn't win). I went as a pirate samurai so I was bristling with weapons (plastic and wood) both pirate and samurai. Due to their over-the-top security protocols I had to surrender up the whole lot of them including my kasana - an umbrella with a katana hilt. It was ridiculous and pissed me off royally (which may have cost me 3rd place). I later came to understa…