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Leap Day Snow in Tokyo

Leap Day let its presence be known in Tokyo with a sudden snow shower that blanketed the city. I went around and took some photos and videos of certain spots. In the past several years, snowfalls in Tokyo have become somewhat rarer than in the past.

Ota Dokan (1432-1486)
Ota Dokan was a samurai leader of the 15th Century who built the first castle in Tokyo then known as Edo. He died at the hands of his master who had been deliberately misled that Ota was disloyal. His death occurred during the early part of the Sengoku Period (1476-1573) when treachery and murder was commonplace.

Buddha of Tenno-ji Temple of the Yanaka Area

 Golden Kannon Statue of Zenshoan Temple
Kusunoki Masashige (1294-1336)
Kusunoki Masashige was a samurai lord during the transitionary period from the fall of the Kamakura Shogunate to the rise of the Ashikaga Shogunate. He is remembered for his loyalty to the Emperor Godaigo. Against his better judgement, Kusunoki followed the Emperor's orders to march against their…