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Japanese Phallic Festival - Yokote's Bonden Matsuri

Japanese Phallic Festival - Bonden Matsuri
Sexual Innuendo Festival

Festivals participants struggle uphill to deliver a gift, a decorative Bonden pole, to the god of a local shrine in return for a bountiful harvest

At first glance, Yokote's Bondon Matsuri in Northern Japan may seem rather innocuous. Tall decorative pools are paraded through the streets where later they are taken up a mountain and offered to a Shrine for the sake of a good harvest.

Bonden Poles with topped with decorations

Anpan Man: hero to children and bread everywhere

However, if one probes a little deeper they will discover that the 4-meter tall Bonden poles are actually suppose to represent the penis and only men can participate in carrying it up the mountain. When the Bondon poles are brought to the shrine on the mountain, the whole phallic symbolism becomes very clear. 

A Bonden Pole is thrust through the Shrine's Gates

Men lower their Bonden poles to a horizontal position before vigorously "entering" …