Friday, June 21, 2013

Tokyo Decadance Versailles

Tokyo Decadance that melting pot of subculture, pop culture, anime culture, and fetish culture recently threw a cosplay bash in Shinjuku with the theme of French Versailles. The decadence of the French nobility before they got their heads cut off in the Revolution was in full force mixed with modern Japanese cosplay naughtiness.

I crashed the party as a revolting French revolutionary peasant reminding the partying decadent nobles of their eventual fate. 

A bevy of Marie Antoinettes  

I'd let her keep her head

Revolutionary French Peasant partying with the decadent French Japanese Nobility

I am 'ere to chop zee heads off of zee nobilitee, drink zeir wain, and make love to zeir wimon

Versailles 3013?

A little light Marquis de Sade for the evening

Everything's coming up roses for guy on suspension hooks with roses stapled to his back

Vive la Tokyo Decadance!

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