Friday, December 28, 2012

Naughty Japanese Cosplay Christmas at Tokyo Decadance

As always those on the Naughty List party it up during the Holiday Season at Tokyo Decadance in Tokyo. Fun times were had by all!

Season's Greetings from Tokyo Decadance

Santa partying with those on the Naughty List

Decorating the Manslave Tree - a Tokyo Decadance tradition 

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 

Jesus fights off the temptation of Lust 

Now that's a stocker stuffer! 

When things gets rowdy, she reigns it back in 

These two wrestle to be top of the Naughty List 

Merry Chritris! I think he's missing an "O" to make that joke work 

Santa Zombie leaves brains for all the good zombie girls and boys

 Mrs. Claus will put the Kringle in your Christmas stocking

Santa Samurai bringing the severed heads of enemies to all the good samurai girls and boys under their Christmas Bonsai Trees

Santa Schoolgirl brings gropes and used panties to pervert salaryman 

Rudolph the Kickass Sexy Reindeer 

Whoa! She's packing heat!

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