Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zombies in Tokyo!!! Zombie Walk in Tokyo



Zombies invade Tokyo - kind of. While in Yoyogi Park in Harajuku  I ran across a small horde of zombies actually more like six. They were part the Tokyo Zombie Walk put on by Zombiena, a Tokyo-based zombie performance group. Unfortunately the turn-out was quite small but 2 of the zombies who weren't part of Zombiena became their own zombie walk as they had the best look and zombie attitude - they devoured several small dogs and bit a few school girls.

Sadface Zombie

A Zombie enjoys a Chu-Hi

Zombies about to devour cute Japanese girl

Rightwing(?) Zombies dine on foreigner 

Zombie with a Zombie parrot in her hair

Texting in the woods when suddenly Zombies!

There are worse ways to go

After a long day of eating brains, zombies enjoy a beer

The Undead just got sexy

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  1. I saw your zombie video.your acting is superb just like a real zombie.Impressive work.

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