Monday, March 7, 2011

Tokyo Decadance - Old (Nintendo) Video Game Theme with YMCK

A sexy Yoshi with a .....?

Tokyo Decadance is a semi-monthly club event in Japan and Europe with different themes sometimes reflecting the holidays and sometimes related with Japanese pop-culture. I went to one event where the theme was old video games such as from Nintendo. There were also some people dressed up as characters from video games or variations of them - a mustacheless Mario (I know - wrong! wrong! wrong!) for example. Some people were apparently dressed as characters from video games that must have come wrapped in brown paper.

One DJ played remixes of old video game tunes particularly around 2:50-3:45 and Japanese Chiptune band YMCK made a brief appearance (4:30 in the vid). I could recognize one or two tunes - the mario one was pretty unmistakable but others I have no idea. I never had a Nintendo though I did have SNES and 64.

Whoa! I want to play whatever game she is playing!

Jesus and a mustache-less Mario

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