Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anime Gundam Cafe in Aomori, Japan - Geek Chic Dining

Gundam Dining - Chic Geek Dining
G-Dining Bar Zeon in Aomori, Japan

While I was up in Aomori recently, I came across a Gundam-theme restaurant called G-Dining Bar Zeon. Gundam is popular anime series that debut in 1979 and spawned a ton of spin-offs, movies, manga, and one giant life-size model.

Zeon was kind of the bad guys in the Gundam series. They fought using giant mobile suits called mecha and the Earth forces developed Gundam mecha suits in response (or something like that). The restaurant had quite a bit of Gundam props everywhere and TVs that played old episodes. Surprisingly it wasn't really for kids as you could drink and smoke in the place. I enjoyed a beer and some pasta while watching giant robots (sorry, mecha!) duke it out on the big screen. I was in Geek heaven.


  1. Good job on the pictures and showing us a neat place to visit. The waitress was hot. In the Gundam series I use to love Amuro's mother!

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